Botanical Arts

Have you ever wondered how flower show exhibitors make jewelry and other items out of plant material? This video will share techniques, secrets and planning ideas that help create award winning entries for flower shows. 

Botanical Arts - Other Designer's Work

This video show photos of other designer's work from various flower shows.

Drilling a hole through a soybean

Using a Dremel Workstation

Cutting with a Jewelers Saw

Creating round/oval "Gems"

Painting Faux Turquoise

This video shows how to create veining on your design.  Keep in mind the brush I used here is larger than what you would use, I just wanted to show the technique.

Making links with Midollino (rattan)

How to make links from 

Oasis Midollino Sticks.

Transformation A Butterfly Brooch 2018

Flamenco Fan-Making botanical lace Newport Flower Show 2012

Necklace...flawless Newport Flower Show 2015

A Gift from Richard, Botanical Arts Necklace Philly FS 2015

Brooch from the Gilded Era, Newport FS 2016

Jade Necklace made from botanic material Newport FS 2013

Art of the Celts, WAFA World Flower Show 2014

Charmed Memories - Botanical Charm Bracelet Newport FS 2014

Wonderland, Charm Bracelet National Parks Philly 2016

Turquoise Necklaces, Newport & WAFA Barbados 2017

Check out this great video

Mermaid Necklace, Philly Flower Show 2018

Art Deco Necklace- Botanical Arts Akron OH 2018