MFA Art in Bloom 2018

Philadelphia Flower Show 2018

Boston Flower Show 2016

Philadelphia Flower Show 2016

WAFA World Flower Show Boston 2011

World Association of Flower Arrangers- World Flower Show Boston MA 2011.  With 32 Countries and over 750 designers this show was one of a kind!

2008 Boston Flower Show

- Garden Club Competition "Rhapsody in Green" The Garden Club of Hingham

Hummingbirds with Spring Fever

The hummingbird mating dance!

Our Garden in the Spring!

Walking in the woods

I am blessed to have access to these beautiful woods to walk and gather material!

Raising Monarchs 2018

Snowshoe...a dog's perspective

GoPro plus a gimbal on the "Fetch" dog harness makes for an interesting perspective for snow shoeing!

Fun at Rowell Hill

Private Rowell Hill fun with dogs, sledders and skiing!

Baby squirrels!

After Mom squirrel died during a storm we found a baby squirrel and called the State to find out what we should do. They referred a certified wildlife rehab person. She raised them to the point when they could be released back into our yard- which is when I started video tapping them. They were just babies and didn't mind us filming them so we were able to capture all kinds of funny moves!